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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Demonic and deranged doctors in America... An inside look at 3 medical lunatics: one serving 45 years in prison, one just got fired, and a third is still a surgeon

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by S. D. Wells
Natural News

Imagine for a moment that you are diagnosed with cancer, and operated on, and given chemotherapy, only to find out you don't have cancer, and never did. Then imagine that the doctor involved knew that you did not have cancer, but did it all for the money and the reputation, so he could say he cured you, and get more referrals from you, in order to falsely diagnose more innocent people, operate on them, give them chemotherapy, and even kill some of them with overdoses.

That's exactly what happened to thousands of patients over the past decade in Detroit, Michigan, at the Karmanos Cancer Center, thanks to the severely deranged Dr. Farid Fata, who not only committed these crimes of atrocity, but confessed to them all in court, saying that he did it for the money and the popularity. He is now serving the first of 45 years in a federal prison for his crimes, and the victims and their families say he got off lightly. Should this deranged doctor have been hanged, electrocuted to death, or executed by lethal injection, for premeditated mass murder?

Presenting the insidious convicted criminal Dr. Farid Fata

Fata was not insane. He knew exactly what he was doing and he showed remorse in court. He pleaded guilty less than one year ago to 13 counts of healthcare fraud, two counts of money laundering and one count of conspiracy involving kickbacks. According to Truthwiki and the Detroit News, a U.S. District Judge in Michigan imposed the sentence, while ordering the insidious doctor to forfeit more than $17 million he embezzled in one of the biggest healthcare fraud schemes ever recorded in U.S. history. Reporting false cancer diagnoses for nearly a decade, Fata administered and injected dangerous and toxic treatments as his tool for stealing millions of dollars from Medicare. He even drugged people to death during their last days of life. After stealing money from Medicare, Fata used those proceeds to administer more unnecessary and expensive PET scans to bill private insurers for even more money. It was all a ponzi scheme to get filthy rich and powerful, according to Fata himself. Published court records reveal all of this to be true.
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