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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Is Time Travel Real? Is Time An Illusion? Hypnosis Weighs In

1:42 AM

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by Keala Noel
Collective Evolution

If you could travel in time, would you?

You’re probably thinking I’m talking about time machines, which would be cool in theory but not really practical. Considering we live on a tiny planet that is hurtling through space and being pulled by the force of the sun — which is blazing its own path — all while traveling within a galaxy among millions of other galaxies, to actually go back to that one particular time and space, which would now be perhaps millions of light years away, seems an unlikely proposition.

Even with the possibility of wormholes and parallel universes, which are again interesting, I think in our mortal terms, physical time travel may be implausible.

However, if you consider time travel in a less physical sense and are open to transporting your “Self” through the metaphysical realm of hypnotherapy, that’s a whole other REALITY. And it is real, or as real as it can be when we are talking about consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t have “matter,” so it doesn’t matter. Consciousness doesn’t follow physical precepts. It is all in your head, or more specifically your soul.
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