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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Kombucha – “Tea Of Immortality”

6:08 AM

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by Health and Beauty Lifestyle

Kombucha is a tea fungus of Japanese origin, which has been commonly used Europe for hundreds of years.

Initially, it was consumed by kings only and was a well-kept Japanese secret for numerous years.

Thousands of years ago, the Japanese emperor invited the Chinese emperor and he planned to honor him with some special gift, so he revealed him the recipe for this tea. Afterward, he decided to share this miracle with all people.

The Japanese fungus was used as a healthy drink in Russia as well, and it was called “tea kvass”. From Russia, this recipe was spread to Poland, Prussia, Denmark, and Germany, but during the Second World war, it somehow disappeared.

After the war, this tea was again popularized due to Dr. Rudolph Skelnar, who used it in the cancer treatments, in the case of high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, and diabetes.
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