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Monday, June 27, 2016

Organic Strawberries Shown to Stop Cancer Cell Growth

2:28 AM

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by Lori Alton

Strawberries are a summertime favorite, prized for their sweet flavor. But research shows these berries may be delivering even more than meets the eye. It’s worth noting that berries have been studied extensively for their potential cancer-fighting capabilities.

Swedish researchers have found that extract from organic strawberries are particularly effective at stopping the growth of cancer cells. The organic strawberries were found to contain more antioxidants and a higher ratio of ascorbate compared to its oxidized form, dehydroascorbate.

Strawberries are rich in cancer-fighting qualities

The Swedish researchers concluded that extracts from organically grown strawberries halted cancer cell proliferation more effectively than extracts from conventionally grown ones, and in both types of cancer cells. They found the difference between organically produced strawberries and conventional ones to be statistically significant.
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