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Monday, July 11, 2016

10 Amazing Things That Happen To Your Body When You Put Ice On THIS Point Of Your Neck

8:28 PM

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by The Hearty Soul

For years we have known that pressure points in the human body can play an important role in our health and well-being. But who has the time to learn all 32 pressure points and just how much pressure to apply for best results? Unless you can find a guru in the art of pressure point therapy, finding the right pressure points to activate at the right time is like finding a needle in a haystack.

For all those who haven’t found their pressure point guru, or simply don’t want to pay the excessive costs of pressure point therapy, this article is for you.

Feng who? Feng Fu

There’s a spot on the back of your neck that has the power to make you feel ten years younger and twenty times more relaxed – that’s a fact. The pressure point is located at the base of your scull, just below the bottom ridge of the skull cap and at the top of the neck. Coined Feng Fu – translated as wind mansion – by Chinese acupuncture, the point is a hole where your neck and head connect, and therefore it influences your entire skeletal and muscular system.

You don’t need any fancy gadgets to activate the Feng Fu pressure point; you simply need an ice cube. Lie on your stomach and place an ice cube directly on the Feng Fu pressure point. Leave it there for twenty to twenty-five minutes. Replace it with another ice cube if the former melts. Apply the treatment once each morning while on an empty stomach and once each night.
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