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Monday, July 11, 2016

11 Signs You’re Destined to Become a Spiritual Elder

8:04 PM

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by Mateo Sol
Loner Wolf

Are you destined to become a spiritual Elder?

In our world, spiritual elderhood is a rarity. Since birth we are conditioned to believe that money, power, fame and success will bring us happiness. But eventually we realize that this is a grand delusion. Even the richest, most respected people continue to suffer from emptiness, depression, drug abuse and meaninglessness.

Yet somehow, many of us still feel pressured to continue our soulless pursuits, always chasing for the next “fix” and next temporary stimulation to fill our inner voids.

On the other hand, those of us who have woken up have realized that something in our lives needs to change. We have stopped looking outside for our happiness and have begun to go on an inner quest within the realms of our minds, hearts and souls for answers.

Yet despite our spiritual awakening, many of us are left wondering, “WHAT NEXT?” In other words, after you have experienced a spiritual awakening, what are the next steps to take?
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