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Thursday, July 14, 2016

16 Science-Backed, Life-Changing Benefits Of Eating A Teaspoon Of Ginger Every Day

12:45 AM

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by The Hearty Soul

Ginger is one of the healthiest (and tastiest) spices available to us. Yet, not many people actually know what it’s good for, and therefore they don’t frequently consume it.

The south Asian spice is packed with nutrients and bio-active compounds that benefit both your mind and body. Ginger has a strong historical tradition in medicinal remedies, being used as a primary ingredient in natural healing for over two-thousand years. Its healing properties range from alleviating minor ailments to correcting or preventing fatal conditions. If you thought ginger was only good for making ginger bread cookies, then this article is for you.

Prevention and Treatment

1) Fights Cancer

Cancer is one of the most troubling and widespread sicknesses that we face. Nearly everyone either knows someone who is battling cancer or knows someone whom it affected. Cancer’s mysterious causes make it seem like we’re all vulnerable and that there’s no effective way to protect ourselves from the evil disease – but this isn’t so. You just need to rely on good old ginger.
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