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Thursday, July 14, 2016

5 Ancient Survival Techniques Our Ancestors Used That Everyone Should Know

12:12 AM

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by The Hearty Soul
The Spirit Science

As we have evolved as a species, so has our understanding of the world around us, and our relationship to it. Through building cities, and developing technologies that can tell us where we are, look up any piece of information, or connect us to another person, all in an instant, our brains have learned to process information completely differently to how they used to.

Our ancient ancestors used the land around them to survive, they communicated with the Earth, looking for signs to lead them to the tools necessary for furthering their survival. These signs continue to exist today, but our sensitivity to them has dulled, we have forgotten what to look for, sometimes even where logic dictates.

Here, we look at four core survival priorities and how, millennia ago, our ancestors secured each of them, ensuring survival. They are listed in order of importance, which is your first survival lesson: shelter, water, fire, food. By properly prioritizing your needs, you increase your chances of survival.

Just as early humans listened to their predecessors, learning from their stories and experiences, we can now learn from them how best to harness nature’s power and improve our chances of survival, should we ever find ourselves stranded in the wilderness.
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