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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

7 Steps To Understanding What Your Dreams Reveal About Your Deep Psyche

8:58 PM

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by The Spirit Science

Jungian Analysis is far more than dream interpretation. Many people believe that dreams offer insight into our inner selves that we may otherwise be unaware of. Dreams are typically expressed in the mythopoetic language of the psyche.

It is said that dreams are symbolic expressions of the deep meaning, needs, and desires of the Self. The most insignificant dreams can often provide the most valuable insight. A single dream can express several truths at once, and can refer to several aspects of our lives through the same images or symbols.

Step One: Associations

Associations are the personal experiences an individual associates with a particular symbol or dream image.

Often people will say this means that, or I dreamt this because XYZ happened during the day.

This may sometimes be true. But it is not always true. It is important to look at the associations you have to any symbol or image in order to obtain its meaning in the context of your dream.
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