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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Anunnaki structures before the flood: The 200,000-year-old ancient City in Africa

1:45 AM

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by Ancient Code

If the Ancient Anunnaki did visit Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago… would we not find evidence of their reign on Earth today? According to many authors, proof of the existence of the Ancient Anunnaki can be found all around the globe. In this article, we take a look at the 200,000-year-old ancient city discovered in Africa.

Do you believe in the existence of the ancient Anunnaki?

Millions of people around the globe firmly believe that hundreds of thousands of years ago, advanced beings lived on Earth, and many refer to them as the Anunnaki: “those who came down from the heavens.”

Supposedly, and according to some authors, the ancient Anunnaki were (still are?) extremely advanced ‘alien’ civilizations from an elusive planet in our solar system.

If the Ancient Anunnaki did exist on Earth, wouldn’t we find evidence of their existence today? Well, according to a number of authors, the evidence is all around us.

These mysterious beings came to Earth over 400,000 years ago and kick-started the human civilization.

But what are/were the Anunnaki? Are they mere mythological inventions from people thousands of years ago? Or is it possible there is evidence to support that they did, in fact, exist on Earth?
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