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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cancer is Not a Death Sentence: Teach Your Immune System to Recognize Cancer and Eliminate it

8:05 PM

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by Health and Love Page

Ty Bollinger is a cancer researcher who did an interview with the physician and best-selling author Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, discussing about the biggest factor in whether a cancer patient will die from cancer or not, and about the importance of the immune system in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Dr. Buttar states that most significant factor whether one person will beat this deadly disease is the emotional psychological component. He explains the power of belief through two unbelievable stories.

In 1999, upon Dr. Buttar’s suggestion, one family agreed to do an autopsy of their deceased family member who was treated of cancer. The results of the autopsy were shocking – the person hadn’t got even a trace of cancer. Still, s/he died within a week or two of when s/he was told s/he will probably die by her/his oncologist. And that is the power of belief, and the emotional psychological burden that the cancer patient has. This person strongly believed s/he has cancer and has actually died in the period when s/he was “supposed” to die according to the oncologist.

Another similar story dates from 2001. A male patient who supposedly died of hepatocellular carcinoma liver cancer, was transferred from the funeral home to the proper facility for an autopsy. After the autopsy, the pathologist who did the autopsy contacted the funeral home to say that they must have sent him the wrong person.
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