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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Feel to Heal, Forgive to Move Forward

12:12 AM

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by Marc Lainhart
OM Times

Are You Feeling Your “Shen?”

On average, every day, 153,424 people from around the world pass over into spirit according to the World Health Organization.

Our true spirit is what the Chinese call “Shen.” It is the spark of divinity that resides within the heart of every human being. It manifests as love, kindness, compassion, generosity, giving, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, tenderness and the appreciation of beauty.

One of the most famous quotes of every 12-step program out there is, “You have to feel it, to heal it.” Many people and different cultures, from around the world, refuse to feel or even acknowledge the term. “Feeling” can be perceived as a vulnerability or weakness, especially here in the United States. Feeling is actually one of great strength, growth, transformation, and healing!

One thing all of us have in common is that we have all felt pain firsthand, witnessed pain of another, and all have a story to tell of painful life situations. All of us share together in the “pain community” of what life can bring our way; no one is exempt from this community. Pain, sadness, grief, anger, not forgiving, and holding onto those feelings, that energy, or thoughts only stagnates, imprisons, and limits our lives. It can actually be a great catalyst for growth, transformation, knowledge, and even wisdom!
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