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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Giant Pyramid Discovered Off The Coast Of Mexico

4:37 AM

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by Ancient Code

Using satellite images, a researcher has just discovered what appear to be one of the largest pyramids ever discovered on the planet just off the coast of Mexico.

Using Google Earth, a UFO hunter has discovered a humongous ‘Pyramid’ believed to measure nearly ten kilometers across.

The Pyramid was located just off the coast of Mexico, in the following coordinates: 12 ° 8’1.49 N 119 ° 35’26.39′ W

Mankind has really no idea about everything that is located under our planets Ocean. In fact, we have yet to explore over 90 percent of the ocean floor. Many people believe countless ancient cities and civilizations are hidden away beneath our planet’s oceans.

Now, using Google Earth, a researcher has discovered a humongous pyramid deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. According to Marcelo Igazusta, it is a perfectly shaped pyramid and is one of the many structures that are located all around the globe.
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