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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Gigantic UFO -like cloud ignites debate on Social Networks

6:06 AM

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by Ivan
Ancient Code

Will Smith where are you when we need ?

Are you one of the many who believe that the phenomenon that occurred in the sky above Cartagena, Colombia a couple of days ago is a giant cloaked UFO? Read on…

A number of images and videos have been posted online showing a gigantic cloud formation in the sky. The internet connected two dots: Independence day 2 and an awesome video resulting in numerous titles from: „Enormous Camouflaged UFO Mothership“ to „Where is Will Smith when you need him“…

The images posted on a number of media outlets have created a debate among commentators as to what the mysterious images and videos are actually showing. UFO or not, the debate has begun.

While some claim that we are looking at an enormous UFO mothership hiding among the clouds, others believe there is a far more simple explanation to what people filmed.
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