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Sunday, July 24, 2016

NASA's 1986 Challenger Team is Still Alive — They Haven't Even Bothered Hiding

4:00 AM

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by Alexander Light

NASA is a Fake Agency — Short Introduction

The more I learn about NASA, the more I understand its true purpose. This agency has been created by The Powers That Be as a smokescreen, designed to distract and entertain the public with "its chemical rockets" that are "fun to watch" (as an alleged anti-gravity insider once stated), whilst the real space missions have been carried out in secret by the US Air Force and Navy.

According to Gary McKinnon, a British hacker who broke into the computers of the US Army, Air Force, Navy and NASA, we already have fully operational warships in space.

At least six of the seven crew members of STS-51 are still alive today, thriving in their newly found careers. Surprisingly (or maybe not), they haven't even bothered hiding.

Among other things, McKinnon found an Excel spreadsheet named "Non-terrestrail officers," containing names and ranks for officers serving in space, the names for the ships that they operate on and tabs for "material transfer" between ships.
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