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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Purification of the Heart

5:04 AM

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by Timothy Frappier
Waking Times

Feelings derive from our heart space and have a greater power than our thoughts. We need to focus on our emotional world just as much, if not more than our mental world. Emotions are the means to manifest desires. Thus purity of heart should be considered a necessity. One cannot live long with a tainted heart and the longer we allow psychic garbage to collect within our heart space the more our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental bodies will suffer. A tainted heart is something that all should strive to avoid because it is the smearing of your true self.

“As rust is natural to iron and as milk turns sour, so the feeling of the heart which by nature is as pure as milk, turns when it becomes rusted.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

The transformation of the natural to the unnatural is a process that takes time. Slowly the innocence fades into nothingness as our heart goes sour. This is imperative to understand because it reveals to us all that this process of souring occurs over a duration of time. We can see that our innocence is intact at the beginning of life, but as we grow older and live life many of us start to rust, thus our spiritual heart suffers greatly. Once this happens it is very difficult to turn things around, to restore oneself.

The way to cleanse our heart is to submerge it in the stream of love. A continuous in-flowing of love will help heal our heart. This means we have to be willing to receive this love, because that’s the problem many of us face. It’s not that love isn’t sent in our direction, but instead it’s our inability to absorb this love that keeps us in lack of it. Love is constantly flowing from the Creator to us, but because of our free-will and ignorance many of us cannot take in this love. We’ve hardened our heart with so much fear that it’s a very difficult task for love to penetrate.
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