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Friday, July 1, 2016

Something Absolutely Gigantic Appears To Be Whistling In The Caribbean Sea

1:48 AM

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Scientists love a good mystery, and the oceans of the world – being massive, deep, dark, and inherently enigmatic places – are literally full of them. The latest conundrum comes courtesy of the Caribbean Sea, wherein a very low-pitch sound, one well beyond the hearing range of humans, can be heard. In fact, something down there is so huge and mobile that it's generating waves in Earth’s gravitational field.

A team of researchers, led by the University of Liverpool (UL), were in the middle of conducting an expedition to the Atlantic Ocean-based Caribbean Sea, which covers an area of roughly 2,754,000 square kilometers (1,063,000 square miles). Their original objective was to study the dynamic sea currents within the basin, which links up to the Gulf Stream, critical for delivering heat to, among other places, Western Europe.

The Bahamas seen from Space. There's something in the water Tim Peake NASA/ESA
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