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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Ancient Spice That’s Amazing For Asthma That Nobody’s Ever Heard Of

3:30 AM

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by Healthy Holistic Living

Asafoetida is a dried gum derived from the rhizome or tap root plant. Native to Iran and Afghanistan, this spice has become a celebrated favorite in many Indian and Middle Eastern cultures. Sometimes referred to as the “devil’s dung,” this powerful spice has been long used as a medicinal means of treating a wide array of health ailments.

Ingested as a powder, or incorporated into a wide array of Indian and Middle Eastern dishes, asafoetida has yet to hit the Western market and diet – yet! Unfortunately, while it’s often avoided due to its pungent smell, when cooked it adds a super-savory element and smooth, satisfying mouth-feel.

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