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Friday, July 22, 2016

These Native American Creation Stories Will Change The Way You See The Earth Forever

5:19 AM

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by The Spirit Science

The reason we’re here, the reason the world exists, is a question humans have been trying to answer for thousands and thousands of years. Until the birth of modern science, with evidenced back theories coming to fruition, communities of people had their own ideas as to how the earth, the universe, and humanity came about.

These stories were passed from generation to generation, rich tapestries and explanations for why certain things are the way they are today. Native American communities had their own unique stories, based in nature with natural and animal imagery at their cores. Their culture grew to appreciate and respect the very land on which they lived.

Here are the creation myths from 4 tribes. Each tribe does have more than one creation story, and many variations on each one, so here we look at just one from each, and have turned to the most widely known versions.


In the beginning, there was nothing. Only darkness everywhere. Suddenly, a thin disc appeared in the darkness and within the disc sat a small bearded man, Creator. As though waking from a nap, Creator rubbed his eyes and when he opened them again and began to look around him, he began to create streaks of light in all directions.
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