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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Understanding the relationship between the organic and the holographic

12:12 AM

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by Irina Iosub

In my eBook I speak about the fact that we are organic beings having a holographic experience. Since this is such a complex and relevant topic, I wish to go into further detail.

Organic vs. Holographic

The universe in which we exist is organic in nature. Contrary to the current narrative within the alternative community, the universe is not all holographic.

I will try to explain.

Beyond all creation and all universes, we are eternal beings, existing within an absolute internal state of self. You can think of this as source, soul, or true core essence. It doesn't have a shape, it can't be defined, it simply is. It wasn't created, it doesn't belong to something else, it has no beginning, no end, it is infinite in nature, self-sustainable (doesn't require anything in order to exist), and it's infinitely capable of creation.

When soul creates, it basically spawns organic life into existence. It projects it outwards from within, as an extension of self. Organic life (and implicitly the organic universe) is simply something that comes directly from source, an actual continuation of self, which means that it is absolutely eternal, self-sustainable and unlimited in nature also. There is no actual separation at any point between source and organic life.
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